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Community Work 

 Fen meadows is a registered Social Enterprise based near Cambridge. We are a small luxury glampsite that fund and support charities nationwide, including The Stroke Association, Scouts and Dementia charities. Our primary focus and social mission is to improve the lives of others through nature.


We exist to help people from every economic, social and cultural background reconnect with nature and the things that matter most. We have a particular emphasis on social and therapeutic horticulture which uses plants and gardening to improve physical and mental health. We offer marginalised groups free stays and host community events for our charity partners.

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Dark Skies Night with
Cambridge University

We worked with Cambridge University's Institute Of Astronomy for a fascinating evening celebrating the wonders of the night.

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Therapeutic Horticulture

Fen Meadows is set up to host horticultural therapy sessions. 

The raised bed area has been carefully designed to ensure it is easy to maintain, wheelchair friendly and will allow those with poor mobility to get involved in a variety of horticultural tasks such as seed sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting crops and dead heading. Simple yet fulfilling tasks that can help to keep older adults active whilst giving them a sense of purpose. All plants are thoughtfully selected for those living with dementia using a mixture or vegetable crops, herbs and flowers to stimulate all the senses.



We have learnt that activities like cooking and baking have been beneficial for those living with dementia and adults with learning difficulties. It is an immersive experience that can be both stimulating and calming. Baking can help to bring back memories improve appetite and it's great for keeping the brain active.

Guided Tours

We offer our charity visitors a chance to learn about the wildflower species in our meadows and the native trees in our apple orchard and our biodiversity as a whole. All our paths are wheelchair friendly so accessibility shouldn’t be a problem.


Caring For Animals

Animals can be wonderful companions. Chickens are surprisingly loving and affectionate. Studies have shown that looking after farm animals can improve your mental health.

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