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Relax & Unwind

The Meadows

If you head out on a warm, dry day to a remote meadow where sweeping grasses are speckled with wild flowers, why not take a moment to just sit. 

Hear the bird call, the cricket chirp and the gentle whoosh of the world happening somewhere else in the background. When you open your eyes, watch the clouds drift and the grasses swish in and out of your vision. It’s an ordinary, but extraordinary pleasure and privilege to rest in a wildflower meadow on a summer's day.


Butterfly Meadow

Butterfly Meadow is laden with species bright and bold to attract a multitude of native butterflies. You can expect to find Verbena, Pink Opium Poppy, `Field Poppy, Cowslip, Wild Carrot, Musk Mallow, Meadow Buttercup and Lesser Knapweed.

Bee Meadow

Our Bee Meadow is perfect for pollinators providing food and habitats for the 150 species of native bees, the meadow has a particular emphasis on Ox eye Daisy, Musk mallow, Cowslip, Red Campion, Musk Mallow, Meadow Corn Cockle and Cowslip.


Apple Orchard

Our young orchard is a lovely place to sink into a deck chair and read a book. All the trees are locally sourced and native to the area.

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