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Cambridge has some excellent museums and art galleries that are open all year round. 


Fitzwilliam Museum boasts world-renowned collections of over half a million beautiful works of art, including masterpiece paintings and historical artefacts.

The Museum of Zoology showcases the diversity of animal life, from marsupials to monkeys, mammoths to manatees. You can to discover stories of extinction, survival, evolution and exploration.

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology covers two million years of human history with over one million artefacts and countless astonishing stories.

Kettles Yard is a beautiful house, home to one man's remarkable collection of modern art, kept largely unchanged since his departure. There is also a separate gallery that hosts modern and contemporary art exhibitions.


On a quiet day, punting is one of the most relaxing ways to take in the stunning architecture of Cambridge University and the peaceful pastures of parklands and meadows. On busier days (when the sun really comes out), the fun factor outweighs relaxation as you can expect river congestion, boats crashing and even people falling in! It’s exciting and definitely a fun experience.

In short, you can either do it yourself (recommended) or pay a guide to take you on a tour. If you are punting yourself the best priced place is Trinity College Punts and if you want a guided tour go for Scudamore's Quayside Punting Station.

Food and drink​

Cambridge is not short of fantastic places to eat and drink, please visit our food & drink page for more info.

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